Don’t have the money for a complete Shower Remodel? You could always opt to knock down the current shower stall and build anew. If you already have a shower that’s causing you problems, you’re in luck. There are many options for a complete overhaul of your shower stall. And the good news is, most of the changes don’t require major construction skills.

Shower Remodel

One time-tested, guaranteed way to save cash on a Shower Remodel is to demolish your present space by yourself. If you’ve hired a plumbing contractor to install the new shower, this isn’t one project that any homeowner could take on alone. Plumbing contractors are used to homeowners undertaking major construction work on their own. It’s something they do every day. So, it’s a pretty easy thing for them to do.

But, that doesn’t mean a homeowner can leave everything untouched. As tempting as it might be, homeowners shouldn’t neglect tile and grout if they want a new look in their shower. Tile and grout are expensive parts to replace. And they require the expertise of a pro to install. So, even if you hire a pro to complete a full Shower Remodel, like installing the new shower drain, the tile and grout should still be replaced.

A walk-in shower can be a wonderful feature to add to a bathroom, but it does come with some challenges. Water can cause the floor to turn to mud when the shower doors are opened. And, installing a shower door without sealing can also cause problems. This is why a professional should help in the installation of a new walk-in shower.

Shower Remodeling: What A Professionals Do Needed By A Professional To accomplish a quick and simple shower remodel, a professional should have the following essential tools. Two power washers with extension cords, a trowel and a bucket, a power washer, a tile saw, a level and a towel bar. If a remodeling project will extend to putting down floor tiles, additional tools would include a trowel, trowels and a level, masonry hammers, a hammer, chisels, a concrete drill, a hand saw, a tape measure and a level.

Shower Remodel is such a simple task; most people hire an installation company for this task. But, if you’re looking to get a new shower in your home, it’s not always necessary to hire a pro. Simple enough, you can do the whole process yourself! With the right guide, you can install a walk-in shower by yourself in no time. All that’s needed is a little creativity and preparation and with some basic equipment, any amateur can accomplish a walk-in shower installation in no time.